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Various Heat Exchangers

‚SDConnection of finned tube to different type of header.

The metal of finned tube connection are:

1) Expanded to tube sheet(Figure 6 DetailgAh)

2) Welded to tube sheet (Figure 6 DetailgBh)

3) Welded to stub end (Figure 6 DetailgCh)

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Fluid temperature, pressure and header type chose one of the above method.

Type of header (Figure 7)

‚PjPlug type
‚QjClosed bonnet type
‚RjManifold type
‚SjCover plate type
‚TjBonnet type
‚UjPipe type

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The header type is selected by properties of process fluid. fluid contamination, temperature, pressure and frequency of plant check.
Type of inlet and outlet nozzle, straight or transition, is selected by the header type, header size and pressure. Pressure parts shall be designed in accordance with ASME Section VIII Division 1. Japanese 1st or 2nd Pressure Vessel Code. Whole parts follow Japanese regulation as well as API 661 for general requirement of the air cooled heat exchangers.