Various Heat Exchangers

\ Reasonable price with high quality equipments to you!|
Tounichi Kikai Co.,Ltd supplys equipments to you with 40 years experience for design, engineering and performance. Mainly we are producting in Chinese shops under high quality control. Therefore, the equipments are reasonable price with high quality.

|Design and Engineering|
Various types of heat transfer equipments shall be used for various fluid process. We can supply the most economical heat exchangers with high efficiency suited to the process having different fluid properties. temperature, pressure and to the plant conditions. Especially, we have enough know how for air cooled heat exchangers and fin rube type heat exchangers, and have supplied many of them in customerfs satisfaction.

\Lows and Regulations\
We would like to supply the equipments based on as follows; API 661, ASME Section V‡V@Div.1 and Japanese Laws and regulations.


The dampers are supplied for adjusting of air or gasses quantity. The materials are selected from Carbon Steel, S-TEN and stainless steel for appling with gasses or air.